After launching launching the campaign, we activated #ProjectDeClone on social with a series of challenges led by influencer Phoebie and model Brogan. After browsing around for some inspiration on LFW latest trends. #braids #shipwreck #ballet #80s, Phoebie and Brogan created a unique hairstyle using Toni & Guy products. We turned into an in-house production team, shooting and editing more than a video a day, for a quick and reactive social media activity.

#Challenge1- Phoebie takes inspiration from people attending the show.
#Challenge2 - Phoebie takes inspiration from latest tweets @LFW
#Challenge 1 Phoebie gets inspired by Ashley Williams’ show.
#Challenge4 Searching the ultimate hairstyle look with Ashley Williams and model Brogan from anti-agency.
We also interviewed Ashley Williams and Roksanda on their partnership with Toni & Guy on designing the latest packagings. We asked Ashley and Roksand London, colours and the design of the new pack.
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